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Friday, January 7, 2011

How iNim8 was created

I am an animation hobbyist. When I started to learn animation, I was a bit frustrated about the fact that even 3D animation requires some basic stick figure drawing skills for your planning. It isn't hard to draw a stick figure for everybody and I did enjoy drawing stick figures using tools like flipbook. Meanwhile, I did some research on internet about software and found some tools to create pivot animations on PC.  When I started using my iPod Touch, I quickly searched on iTunes for similar apps. Unfortunately, all the animation apps on the app store are drawing based. It is so hard for me to use my finger to draw on such a small device. Then I started to think maybe I can port those stick animation tools from PC platform to iPhone. That's how my journey started as an iOS developer. iNim8 is a bit like Flash but much simpler and easy for people who have little experience with animation to get start with. I am also hoping that it could trigger some interest in the art education community especially for kids to learn animations.