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Friday, February 25, 2011

Reworking on a simplified UI for iNim8 Lite

The user interface design for iNim8 Lite is probably too complex for someone who has little animation experience. After observing some of my friends using iNim8, I realized that either a better tutorial should be in place or a simplified UI is needed to replace the current one. 

More features doesn't necessarily mean better. This is particularly true on iPhone.  An app's design should be pretty much self-explaining, or without requiring much user's time exploring. 

When I first started to design this app, I was pretty confident that it will be a simple app. But later on I decided to add in more and more features, which I still believe that most of them are pretty useful by the way. As a result, the app's UI now are clustered with buttons. Although I tried my best to make it looks not by hiding them most of the time. 

Hence now I am really starting to ask myself a simple question which is if I ever want do it again for the sake of gaining more interests from a broader range of audience, how would I design the user interface? 

The real challenge is to not having more but having less. One way of doing this is perhaps a toggling between "Pro Mode" and "Beginner Mode", which many software does. In "Beginner Mode", hide most of the features which are not necessary or less frequently used by most of users. Sounds like a plan to me.

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